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What’s new in Qlik Sense February 2020

New action button

You can create a button that performs actions like applying a bookmark or locking a field. You can style the button background color and image, set a label and font size and color, as well as adjust border color, width, and radius.

button properties

Pivot table styling

Styling includes header font size and color, cell font size and color, text alignment and color of dimension values. Styling improves readability and gives users the power to create and customize the look and feel of Qlik Sense tables.

pivot-table properties

Table trend indicators

The straight table is being enhanced with graphical elements. The user can add conditional icons similar to the KPI object. Table indicators are useful for presenting trends and warning information and highlighting essential information.

table properties

Line chart styling

The line chart has been re-factored using our Picasso.js framework and, at the same time, we are exposing several highly desired features. The lines can be individually styled per measure or for the whole chart.

  • Line thickness
  • Line style: solid or dashed
  • Line curve: smooth or straight
  • Vertical presentation

linechart properties

Moving average and difference

Two new modifiers are added to the Bar, Line, Table, and Combo chart. The new modifiers support full moving average and difference in steps, for instance rolling 12 months average. The modifier concept provides a quick and easy way to add another level to any expression. The generated expressions are available for inspection copy and edit.

barchart properties

linechart properties

table properties

combochart properties

Extended font family selection

The new theme setting allows developers to set the font family for text in Qlik Sense charts.

Creating themes with custom fonts