Getting started with Qlik Explorer for Developers

Qlik Explorer for Developers is a tool created to simplify the process of integrating Qlik Sense functionality into other environments. Qlik Explorer for Developers provides quick access to relevant information from your Qlik Sense environment which for instance makes it easy to integrate Qlik Sense visualizations into an existing web site.

Qlik Explorer for Developers can be used as a stand-alone tool, or as a plugin for Visual Studio (formerly known as Qlik Analytics for Visual Studio).

Version requirements

You need to have Qlik Sense 2.2 or later installed.

Qlik Explorer for Developers automatically updates when a new version is available.


The following limitations apply when installing the Qlik Explorer for Developers:

  • Connection can only be made through NTLM.

Install the Qlik Explorer for Developers

Download the Qlik Explorer for Developers setup file: setup.exe.

Run the installer and follow the steps in the installation dialog.

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