Configuring mashups for Qlik Sense Mobile

Note: Qlik Sense November 2018 or later is required to access mashups from the Qlik Sense Mobile app.

In the Qlik Sense Mobile app, mashups are listed in a dedicated Mashups stream. A Qlik Sense Mobile app can access to all public mashups in the Qlik Sense Enterprise installation to which it is connected. An administrator can restrict access to selected users by creating a security rule in the Qlik Management Console.

For more information, see Qlik Sense Mobile.

Non-optimized and optimized mashups

The mashups available in a Qlik Sense Mobile app, can be non-optimized or optimized.

  • A non-optimized mashup retrieves the necessary data from the Qlik Sense server every time it is opened. This ensures that the non-optimized mashup is always up to date with the Qlik Sense Enterprise installation.
  • An optimized mashup reduces data consumption for the mobile device by prioritizing locally stored app data over data stored on the server. When an optimized mashup opens, it fetches locally stored data from downloaded apps. It then loads what is not available locally from the Qlik Sense server. If the mashup finds all the necessary data on the device, it does not load data from the server. If the mashup does not find any necessary data on the device, it loads all mashup data from the server. An optimized mashup never stores new data on the device.
Note: The download of Qlik Sense apps for offline access is currently supported only on Qlik Sense Mobile app for iOS. In the Qlik Sense Mobile app for Android, mashups always load necessary data from the Qlik Sense server.

To enable optimized mashups, the Qlik Sense administrator must insert the following line in the mashup's QEXT file:

"optimized": true