Theme API

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.


The Theme API is the external interface to Qlik Sense themes. It allows customization of visualizations, including extensions and widgets, outside of Qlik Sense.

Version history

Each method and property contain information around when it was introduced, updated, deprecated or removed. A list of all relevant API changes per version release can be found in API version history.

Introduced Qlik Sense February 2018

Getting started

The Theme API is available for mashup developers as the qlik.theme namespace. You can retrieve a QTheme object with the theme.get(id) method. The QTheme object consists of a theme and helper methods. The id parameter is mandatory when theme.get is used in a global context but optional when used in an app context: app.theme.get().

Examples of use

Learn what you can do with the Theme API.

Retrieve a theme in a global context

   alert('Theme background color: ' +;

Apply a theme to all visualizations on a web page

 	alert('theme applied with result: ' + result);

Retrieve the currently applied theme

The app.theme.getApplied() method can be used for visualization extensions and widgets so these can use styling from the current theme.

    alert('Current theme background color: ' +;