exportData method

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.

exportData(options, callback)

Exports data of the underlying hypercube in OOXML or CSV format.

Note: The entire hypercube is exported, not just the current data-page.

Version history

Introduced 2.1


Name Type Description
options Object



Name Type Description
format String

Data format. Can be one of:

  • OOXML: open XML, default
  • CSV_C: comma separated CSV
  • CSV_T: tab separated CSV
filename String

This parameter is optional and only used in desktop.

Sets the name of the exported file when downloaded.

Example: filename(guid).xlsx

state String

Can be:

  • A: all values
  • P: possible values (default)
download Boolean Automatically start download of file (with window.open).
callback Function


Callback function returning the link to the exported file.



var qTable = qlik.table(this);

var $exportButton = $( document.createElement('button'));
$exportButton.bind('click', function (  ) {
			qTable.exportData({download: true});

Example: Using AngularJS in a Qlik Sense visualization extension.

//Main script:
paint: function ( ) {
		//setup scope.table
		if ( !this.$scope.table ) {
		this.$scope.table = qlik.table( this );

//In your template:
<button ng-click="table.exportData({download:true})">Create Excel file</button>

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