Getting started using Qlik Sense

Learn the fundamentals of Qlik Sense Cloud and create your first app using our tutorials.

Qlik Sense fundamentals

Tutorial - Beginning with the Basics

Start working with Qlik Sense by adding data, making and app, making selections and learning how to interpret the results.

Creating your first app

Take a few minutes to build a basic app using sample data.

Tutorial - Building an App

If you have more time, this tutorial takes you through the following subjects:

  • Data loading
  • App design
  • Visualization creation
  • Reuse of visualizations, dimensions and measures
  • Data storytelling

See how to build an app

This video complements the Building an app tutorial.

Register for a cloud account

Basic cloud

Create private apps and share with followers.

Register for an account to get a Qlik Sense Cloud Basic subscription. You get a personal workspace where you can create your own apps and then share them with your followers.

Business cloud

Collaborate and manage your apps as a group.

Upgrade to Qlik Sense Cloud Business to get a group workspace where you can invite colleagues to build apps together with you. You can then share the apps in the streams that you create.

Good to know

App size and storage space in cloud

Your Qlik Sense Cloud subscription determines the amount of storage available.

The hub in Qlik Sense Cloud

Learn how to navigate the hub, where you create and manage apps.

Supported browsers

Each Qlik Sense Cloud release is tested for compatibility with the latest publicly available browser versions.

Troubleshooting - Qlik Sense Cloud Business

Find problems that can occur when working with Qlik Sense Cloud Business.