Personal cloud

A Qlik Sense Cloud Basic subscription gives you a personal cloud workspace where you can develop apps. You can then share your apps with your followers. The subscription is free. All you have to do is create an account.

  • Create an account
  • Create or upload an app

    Create and name a new app in the My work workspace. When you do, an app icon appears in the workspace. An app is empty when you first create it. Click on the app icon to open the app. You can also upload an app from your computer.

    For more information, see Creating an app and Downloading and uploading apps in cloud.

  • Select and load your data

    After you have opened your app, choose your data source. There are different ways to do this.

    You can attach a data file, for example an Excel file, to your app. You can also create a connection to a database, for example a Salesforce database.

    You can also upload a data file to your personal cloud workspace. You can then use that data file in all of your personal cloud apps.

    After you have chosen your data source, you can load the data into your app.

    For more information, see Adding data to the app.

  • Create sheets

    After you have loaded your data, create a sheet in your app. The sheet will contain the charts that you build with your data.

    For more information, see Structuring an app using sheets.

  • Build charts

    Choose different types of chart and tables to place on your sheet. Charts are also called visualizations. An example of a chart is a bar chart.

    After you have placed the chart or table, select the data that you want to use from your data source.

    The dimensions and measures that you choose for your chart will depend on the subset of data that you want to analyze, and the type of chart that you want to build. As you are building your chart, you can change the appearance, for example colors, data sorting, and so on.

    For more information, see Creating and editing visualizations.

  • Share the app

    When you are ready to share your app with others, publish it to ã My Stream. This is your personal cloud stream.

    In your personal stream, specify the users that you want to be followers. Only your followers can view and interact with the app.

    An app that is published cannot be developed further. You can unpublish the app to your worspace to work on it. When you are done, you can publish it back your stream.

    For more information, see Publishing apps to your personal cloud stream.