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Managing email sharing


Managing email sharing

Chart sharing lets Qlik Sense users share static Qlik Sense charts with anyone regardless of whether they are Qlik Sense users or not. When this feature is enabled, users have the option to send Qlik Sense charts to any email address.

Email settings and chart sharing are administered by tenant admins from the management console under Configuration > Settings.

Email server overview

In the Email server section of the Settings page in the management console, enter the outgoing email settings for sharing content via email.

Email server properties
Property Description

Server Address (SMTP)

The server address (SMTP) from which to send email notifications.


The port number for the email server.


Select the appropriate security type. One of:

  • StartTLS
  • None

Sender email address

The email address the emails are sent from.


The password of the email account.

Creating an email server

You must provide an email server from which emails are sent. You can use a dedicated email server or use an SMTP provider like G Suite or Office 365.

Do the following:

  1. Enter the server address (SMTP) from which to send email notifications.
  2. Enter the port number for the email server.
  3. Chose the appropriate security type: 
    • StartTLS
    • SSL/TLS
    • None
  4. Enter the email address.
  5. Enter the email password.
  6. Click Test to check whether the SMTP settings are correct.
    When you click next, a window opens where you can enter an email address where you will receive a test email.
    If the email server is working, you should receive an email with the title: Test email from Qlik Management Console. The sender will be the email address you entered above.
Information noteIf you use one of the G Suite SMTP servers, you are required to enable less secure apps whenever OAuth is not used. Although Qlik authenticates over a secure communication channel, we use email address and password as authentication credentials.

Email sharing

Tenant admins can allow users to share static charts with other users via email.

When Chart sharing via email is enabled, users can share a chart by right-clicking a chart and selecting Share. When this feature is disabled, the option is not visible to app users.