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Multi-Cloud Setup Console - start page

The Multi-cloud Setup Console is where you set up and configure your Qlik Sense multi-cloud solution. To open the Multi-cloud Setup Console, go to https://<server name>/api/msc.

Multi-Cloud Setup Console start page.

The tiles from left to right represent the major steps when setting up Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows , with Multi-Cloud.

Before you start setting up your multi-cloud, make sure you have the following:

  • a valid Qlik Sense multi-cloud license

  • the required data for the IdP configuration

  • the required data for the deployment settings

To set up your multi-cloud environment:

  1. Click the tile Qlik Sense license to fill in the site license details, see Activating the license.

    Information noteIf you want to set up Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS or Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes, please contact your Qlik representative or Qlik Support to obtain a valid license for the setup.
  2. Click the tile Set up identity providers to open the IdP setup instructions for Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes (QSEoK). For QSEoK, the IdP setup is done via a configuration file. For Qlik Cloud Services, setup is done in forms on that are submitted to Qlik.

  3. Click the tile Deployments to open the deployments settings page. The settings page is the same for Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes and Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS. You get setup values from your IdP provider.

  4. Click the tile Manage users to open the page for user related issues , see User directory connectors, Getting to know license usage summary page, and Users overview.

  5. Click the tile Qlik Management Console to open the QMC to make deployment edits.