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Customizing Qlik Sense Mobile with AppConfig


Customizing Qlik Sense Mobile with AppConfig

When administering Qlik Sense Mobile in an Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) environment, you can customize the Qlik Sense Mobile experience for your users by editing the AppConfig file.

The AppConfig is a .json or .xml configuration file that can be edited using a Mobile Device Manager system. By editing the AppConfig file, you can for example change the default stream shown when Qlik Sense Mobile is launched, hide the demo server, or set a mashup as landing page. The way you modify the AppConfig file may vary depending on which Mobile Device Manager you use.

List of configurable settings in AppConfig

The following table shows the list of configurable settings in the AppConfig.

Value Type of value Description
hideDemoServer App setting Hide the demo server in the account list.
hideAnalytics App setting

If set to true, analytics are not displayed nor sent to Qlik.
If set to false, the end user can choose to send analytics to Qlik.

Accounts List

This value is a json formatted list of accounts. Each item has a name that is shown to the user and a url used to authenticate the user.
The value is formatted as follows:
{"name":"Account 1","url":""}, {"name":"Account 2","url":""}

DefaultStream Account config Changes the default stream that is selected when the Qlik Sense hub is loaded.
LandingPage Account config The path to a resource that should be loaded in place of the hub when a user successfully accesses Qlik Sense.
AADAppId Account config This value is used for Microsoft Azure Single Sign On. The value for this key is a string equal to the QSM Azure Active Directory App registration Application/Client Id.

Setting a mashup as landing page

By editing the AppConfig file, you can set a mashup or a mashup stream as the landing page for users accessing Qlik Sense.

In the Configuration Value field, enter the following:

	"name":"Account 1",
		"LandingPage": "/extensions/MyMashup/MyMashup.html"


  • "Account" and "" are the account and Sense hub to which these settings will be applied.
  • "LandingPage" is the path to the mashup to be used as landing page.
  • "DefaultStream" is the ID for a default stream that is loaded when accessing Qlik Sense.