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Editing a user directory connector


Editing a user directory connector

You can edit a user directory connector. You cannot edit more than one user directory connector at a time.

Do the following:

  1. Select User directory connectors on the QMC start page or from the StartS drop-down menu to display the overview.

  2. Select the user directory connector that you want to edit and click Edit in the action bar.

    The edit page opens.

  3. Edit the properties.

    Tip: Decide how the synchronization is performed by selecting or clearing Sync user data for existing users, in the property group User sync settings.

    Use the Additional LDAP filter in the property group Advanced to apply a filter that retrieves only a selection of the users (only applicable for LDAP and Active Directory).


    Click Apply to save your changes. If a mandatory field is empty, Apply is disabled.
  4. Click Apply in the action bar to create and save the user directory connector.

    Successfully added is displayed at the bottom of the page.

You have now edited a user directory connector.

The User Directory Connector (UDC) is not operational is displayed if the configuration of the connector properties does not enable communication with the user directory. Check the UserManagement_Repository log at this location: %ProgramData%\Qlik\Sense\Log\Repository\Trace.

The User Directory Connector (UDC) is not configured is displayed if the User directory name is already used or if the field is empty.