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Adding root admin and admin users

The first user that accesses the QMC and adds the server license, obtains the role root administrator (RootAdmin) for the Qlik Sense system. This user has full access rights to all resources in the site: security rules, streams, nodes, and so on. Additional users can be assigned as RootAdmin if needed, or assigned other admin roles with other administrative rights.

This workflow illustrates adding QMC administrators:

Setup workflow for a root administrator (RootAdmin)

Do the following:

  1. Verify that Qlik Sense is installed.

  2. Log in to the (QMC) using the Windows account that you want to use as root administrator (RootAdmin).
  3. Add the LEF license to the QMC.

    Note: Adding the LEF makes you the root administrator for the Qlik Sense site.
  4. To add more administrators, see Setup workflow for an admin user.

The root administrator role is now created.

Setup workflow for an admin user

Do the following:

  1. Log in as root administrator (RootAdmin).
  2. Import users via the user directory connector.
  3. Select Users on the QMC start page or from the StartS drop-down menu to display the overview.
  4. Select the users that are to have administrative rights and click Edit.
  5. Click P Add role and select one of the roles in the drop-down list. You can also type the name of a new role, but this role will not be valid until it has been properly defined.

    Tip: You can assign several administration roles to a user.
    Note: You cannot remove the root administrator role from yourself. This is to prevent you from accidentally blocking the RootAdmin from using the QMC.

Administrators roles are now created.

Note: Like in Qlik Sense, if a user does not have access to a resource in the QMC, the user cannot access it in the QMC interface. For example, if you change a user's role from RootAdmin to DeploymentAdmin, the user can no longer access the apps, sheets, streams, or data connection pages in the QMC.
Note: The root administrator cannot change or delete the security rules that are delivered with the Qlik Sense system. These security rules are listed in the Security rules overview page with Type set to Default.