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Unable to upgrade, reinstall or add a rim node due to password validation failure

Possible cause  

When you install Qlik Sense with the setup program and choose to install a local database, you also create a database user (qliksenserepository) and a password. If you previously installed Qlik Sense with synchronized persistence then the database user will have a randomly generated password.

When you upgrade, reinstall, or add a rim node to your installation you to need to use this password again. If you did not create a super user password when you installed PostgreSQL or cannot remember the database user password, then you cannot continue to upgrade, reinstall, or add a rim node unless you change this password.

Proposed action  

Use the command prompt to change the PostgreSQL database user password.

Do the following:

Change the client authentication settings to trust so you can change the password.

To do this:

  1. In Services, stop the Qlik Sense Repository Database service, if it is running.

  2. In PostgreSQL, change the authentication mode in the configuration settings to allow the password to be changed. To do this, navigate to ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\PostgreSQL\<database version> and open the pg_hba.conf file in a text editor.

  3. Change the PostgreSQL client authentication method from md5 to trust.
  4. Information noteThe client authentication settings are case sensitive.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Start the Qlik Sense Repository Database service.

To change the password open a command prompt and do the following:

  1. Enter the following commands:
    1. To navigate to your repository database installation:
      cd C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\PostgreSQL\9.6\bin
    2. To connect to the database:
      psql.exe -h -p 4432 -U postgres
    3. To set your new user password:
      ALTER USER qliksenserepository WITH PASSWORD '<newpassword>';

    This is either qliksenserepository or the user you set manually during the first installation of PostgreSQL.
    ALTER ROLE is displayed after successfully changing the password.

  2. Stop the Qlik Sense Repository Database service.
  3. Revert the pg_hba.conf authentication mode method back to md5.
  4. Start the Qlik Sense Repository Database service.

Update the connection string for the Qlik Sense Repository Database using the Connection String Editor which is included in the Qlik Sense diagnostic tools.
To do this:

  1. In your Qlik Sense installation, to open the Connection String Editor, navigate to C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Util\QlikSenseUtil and double-click the QlikSenseUtil.exe file.
  2. In the LogOnForm screen, enter the database user and password that you used during the Qlik Sense installation.
  3. In the Diagnostics Tool, click the Connection String Editor tab.
  4. In the Connection String Editor, click Read to see the encrypted connection string.
  5. Update the connection string credentials with name="QSR" with your new repository database password.
  6. Click Save value above in config file encrypted to save your changes.
  7. Start the Qlik Sense Repository Database service.

You can now continue to upgrade, reinstall, or add a rim node to your Qlik Sense installation.

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