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Backing up certificates

To be able to recover from a system crash, you should create a backup of the certificates on the central node of your Qlik Sense site.

  1. From the Windows start menu, type mmc to find the Microsoft Management Console (mmc) . Launch the mmc as the user that runs the Qlik Sense services.
  2. Select File>Add/Remove Snap-in.
  3. Double-click Certificates.

    The Add or Remove Snap-ins window. "Certificates" is selected.

  4. Select Computer account, then click Next.

    The Certificates snap-in window. "Computer account" is selected.

  5. Select Local computer, then click Finish.

    The Select Computer window. "Local computer" is selected.

  6. Double-click Certificates.

    The Add or Remove Snap-ins window. "Certificates" is selected.

  7. Select My user account and click Finish.

    The Certificates snap-in window. "My user account" is selected.

  8. Click OK.

    The Add or Remove Snap-ins window. "OK" is selected.

  9. Complete this step for each of the following certificates:

    Certificate Location Issued to Issued by
    certificate authority Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal > Trusted Root Certification Authority <server-name>-CA <server-name>-CA
    server certificate Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal > Local Computer <server-name> <server-name>-CA
    client certificate Certificates (Current User) > Personal > Certificates QlikClient <server-name>-CA
    QlikServiceCluster certificate Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal > Certificates QlikServiceCluster <server-name>-CA
    1. Expand the certificate location for the certificate you want to export.

      Tip: For example, to export the Certificate Authority, expand Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal > Trusted Root Certification Authority.
    2. Right-click the certificate you want to export, then select All Tasks>Export.

      The Console1 window. The Certificates (Local Computer > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates folder is expanded. A certificate has been right-clicked, and All Tasks > Export is selected.

    3. Click Next.

      The Certificate Export Wizard window. "Next" is selected.

    4. Select Yes, export the private key, then click Next.

      The Export Private Key screen. "Yes, export the private key" is selected.

    5. Select Personal Information Exchange.
    6. Check the Export all extended properties box, then click Next.

      The Export File Format screen. "Personal Information Exchange" is selected, and the "Export all extended properties" box is ticked.

    7. Enter and confirm a password, then click Next. You may need to check the Password box before entering your password, depending on the Windows Server version.

      The password is needed when importing the certificate.

      The Password screen. A password has been entered in two places.

    8. Enter a file name for the .pfx file, then click Next.

      Tip: We recommend to include the server name in the file name to avoid confusion with other certificate files.

      The File to Export screen.

    9. Click Finish.

      The .pfx file that contains the CA for all nodes in the Qlik Sense site is stored in the selected location.

    10. Note: Make sure to complete this step for each certificate.
  10. Close the MMC console.

    Note: You do not need to save these changes before closing.