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Stop session


Stop session


Qlik Sense performs the following procedure:

  • A proxy session stops when the user logs out, or when the proxy session times out.

    If the user closes the browser where the session is running, the proxy session stops when the Session inactivity timeout (minutes) setting has been exceeded, calculated from the moment the browser was closed.

    Session inactivity timeout (minutes) is defined under the virtual proxy, see Virtual proxies.


In case of success, log entries are written in the following files throughout the procedure:

  • <MachineName>_AuditActivity_Proxy.txt


Cannot stop session

Cannot stop session error

Search for any log message with the following information:

Command=Stop session;Result=<different from zero>;ResultText=Error: <error message>

Message If you find a log entry similar to the one described above, evaluate the information in the Message field.

If there are no log entries for Stop session, check the configuration of the Qlik Sense Proxy Service (QPS) by examining the log entries for the Start proxy command.

As a last resort, restart the QPS.