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Qlik Sense Mobile security


Qlik Sense Mobile security

Qlik Sense Mobile connects to a Qlik Sense Enterprise hub. When you are connected, you can view Qlik Sense apps and mashups, and download Qlik Sense apps using the Qlik Sense Mobile app.


When you log into the Qlik Sense Mobile app for the first time, you must authenticate your credentials against the Qlik Sense Enterprise server. Once you have authenticated your credentials, and logged in to the Qlik Sense Mobile app, you may choose to have the Qlik Sense Mobile app remember your credentials. For more information about how to set the options for credentials management, see Working with the Qlik Sense Mobile app. To protect your data, ensure that the device is protected by a password and locked when not in use. This can be configured through your Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) console.

Information noteTo connect to a Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment from Qlik Sense Mobile, users must be allocated the appropriate access type. Users who have been allocated User access, or a Professional or Analyzer access license, can connect. Users with Analyzer capacity licenses or login access cannot. Anonymous access is not allowed.

The Qlik Sense Mobile app can be used offline for up to 10 days (240 hours). This time period starts when the Qlik Sense Mobile app is first launched following the last log in to the Qlik Sense Enterprise server. When the 10 day period expires, you must to log back into the Qlik Sense Enterprise server to continue using the Qlik Sense Mobile app.

Section access in the data load script can also be used for security. A single file can be used to hold the data for a number of users or user groups. Qlik Sense then uses the information in the section access for authentication and authorization on the Qlik Sense Enterprise server, and dynamically reduces the data, so that users only see their own data. The security is built into the file itself, which means downloaded files are also protected. For more information, see Managing security with section access.


When Qlik Sense is deployed over SSL, the Qlik Sense Mobile app obtains a certificate from the Qlik Sense server and verifies that it is valid. This allows the Qlik Sense Mobile app to trust that the server it is talking to is a legitimate Qlik Sense server. The Qlik Sense Mobile app will always reject the certificate if it is not valid. Every Qlik Sense hub that you add to the hub list must therefore have a valid certificate.

To ensure that a certificate is valid, you need to check that the certificate:

  • Is signed by a certificate authority, such as VeriSign, or signed by a certificate authority that has been added to the list of trusted certificate authority for the device (either manually added to the device or pushed to the device from an EMM console).

  • Is not expired.
  • Has a common name or a name that matches the domain name of the Qlik Sense hub.