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Configuring the Bot Channel Service

The Qlik Insights Advisor Chat service is disabled by default. To enable it, you must configure a parameter in the services.cofig file.

Setting up user configuration for chat bot service

  1. Log on to your Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows server.

  2. Navigate to %ProgramFiles%\Qlik\Sense\BotChannelService\install.

  3. Run the ChannelConfig.bat file.

    When you run the .bat file, you are required to enter the following chat bot parameters:

    Parameter Mandatory Default value Description
    microsoftAppId Yes   Enter the Microsoft App ID from when created your Azure Web App Bot.
    microsoftAppPassword Yes   Enter the Microsoft App password from when created your Azure Web App Bot.
    slackBotToken No N/A Enter the Bot User OAuth Token from when created your Slack app. Leave empty if you do not want to connect Slack.
    qlikRootUserId Yes   Enter the Qlik Sense user ID. It is listed under Users in the QMC.
    qlikRootUserDir Yes   Enter the user directory that the user comes from. It is listed under Users in the QMC.
    virtualProxyPrefix Yes   Enter the virtual proxy prefix from when you created the Qlik Sense virtual proxy.
    externalURL No N/A

    Enter the Qlik Sense public URL. The URL can include the virtual proxy prefix, for example:{vp_prefix}.

    Information noteDo not add the HTTPS to the URL.
    disableParsingInfo No N Enter Y if you want to disable parsing information.
    emailInAttribute No Y

    Enter N if the user email is available in the Name or User ID property.

    For example, in the image below, the email for John is in UserID and the email for Anna is in Name.

    QMC user list showing email in user name and User ID.

    Enter Y if the email address is defined in a different property.

    emailPropertyName No email

    If you entered N for emailInAttribute, enter name or userid to specify in which property the email is located.

    If you entered Y for emailInAttribute, specify the property name used for the email address. If you do not specify a property name, the default value is used.

    For example, the email address for Anna is in a custom property custom_field. The email for John is in the default property email.

    QMC user properties details.

    Information noteYou see a configuration successful message when complete. If you receive an error message, run the bat file again.

Enabling the chat bot service

Information noteIn a multi-node site, this must be done on the central node.
  1. Navigate to %ProgramFiles%\Qlik\Sense\ServiceDispatcher\.

  2. Open the services.config file in a text editor.

  3. Locate the bot-channel-service section, then comment out the disabled=true parameter. It should look like the following example:

    DisplayName=Bot Channel Service
  4. Save the file.

  5. Restart the Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher.

  6. Open Insight Advisor Chat by clicking on the Ask Insight Advisor button.

    Insights Advisor chat window

  7. Verify that the chat feature opens to the following window.

    Advisor chat window

    Information noteIf it is not working, verify that you have correctly set up the security rules in the QMC. See Configuring Qlik Insight Advisor Chat in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows for more information.
  8. Restart the Qlik Sense Proxy Service.