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Defining resource filters

To make applying rules as efficient as possible, it is advised that you narrow the number of resources for which the rule editor will evaluate rules. This is done by applying a resource filter to the security rule. The resource filter either explicitly or implicitly defines the types of resources that the rule should be applied to.

You can narrow the number of resources by adding resources and/or user conditions. You can see which resource filters have been used in a security rule, either on the audit page, the security rules overview page, or the security rule edit page.

Naming resources in the Resource filter

The following conventions are available when defining resource filters:

  • Explicit naming

    Define the resource using the resource GUID.

    For example "Stream_88ee46c6-5e9a-41a7-a66a-f5d8995454ec"

    Tip noteYou can see the GUID for data connections, login access, and streams in the Security rules overview page > Resource filter provided that you have created access rights for those resources using their respective overview pages.
  • Explicit type naming using wildcard (_*)

    Use the "_*" wildcard to explicitly define the type of resource to apply the rule to.

    For example, "App_*" will apply the rule to all App resources only.

  • Implicit type naming using wildcard (*)

    Use wildcard to define the resource or resources.

    For example, "App*" will apply the rule to all resources beginning with "App". This means that this rule will apply to apps, sheets, stories, data and objects.

Specifying a single resource

To define a single resource type simply select the resource type from the Resource drop-down list in the Basic view of the Security rules Edit page. The Resources and Conditions fields in the Advanced view will automatically be filled in.

Defining multiple resource types

Type the names of the resource types you want to apply the rule to in the Resource filter field. You can write explicit resource names that include the resource GUID or use wildcards to imply all resources of a specific type.