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Managing spaces in the Management Console


Managing spaces in the Management Console

Spaces are managed in the Management Console on the Spaces page.

The Spaces page lists space name, space type, space owner, description of the space, and the space creation date. Use this page for deleting a space, changing the owner, editing the space, and creating a new space.

The following are the space types:

  • Personal spaces: In personal spaces, only the owner can edit apps, that is, you cannot co-develop in personal spaces. You can share apps outside your space, but only for viewing.
  • Shared spaces: Shared spaces allow for easy co-development of apps within a closed group of users. What actions you can perform with an app in a space is determined by permissions and your license. With a professional license you can create a shared space in the hub. You can then add new members to your shared space and assign them permissions.
  • Managed spaces: Managed spaces enable governed access to apps. Managed spaces are restricted to members. Permissions are assigned to members when they are added to a managed space. Permissions define what members can access in a space. Apps that you develop in a personal or shared space can be published to a managed space. Only space owners and target app consumers can open apps in a managed space. Other users can open apps if they have viewing permissions. Managed spaces can only be created by tenant administrators.

Changing the owner of a space

Do the following:

  1. Select the spaces for which you want to change owner.

  2. Click Change owner.

    A dialog is displayed.

  3. Search for a user who will be the new owner.

  4. Click Apply.

For more information, see Working in shared spaces.