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Qlik Sense provides confidentiality by encrypting network connections with TLS, leveraging the operating system file system and server access controls to protect content on Qlik Sense nodes, protecting memory using operating system controls, securing application access at the resource level, encrypting sensitive information (e.g. passwords and data connection strings), and protecting app data using data reduction.

Qlik Sense supports confidentiality in the following ways:

  • The network uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) for encryption and certificates for authentication.
  • The information stored in the file share and the repository database, including Qlik Sense content, is protected by the operating system using server access control and file system controls.
  • The process memory and loaded data for Qlik Sense are protected by the physical server and the operating system controls.
  • The apps are secured using access control on the resource level.
  • Sensitive information (for example, passwords and connection strings) that is used to access external data sources is stored with encryption.

  • The app data is protected using data reduction and data encryption.

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