Troubleshooting app distribution in multi-cloud

There is more than one possible cause when app distribution fails in a multi-cloud environment. You could encounter problems on the QSEoW side (with custom properties), at the IdP (with names and groups), during the actual distribution, and after distribution (with apps not being displayed).

Publishing is a little slow

Possible cause  

You have published an app, and when checking the collection, the app is not present.

Proposed action  

Allow some time to pass before troubleshooting why an app does not appear in a collection, publishing is not instantaneous.

Custom properties not in lowercase

You have created distribution policies and published an app to a multi-cloud collection. The app does not show up and no error message is displayed.

Possible cause  

The custom properties you use in distribution policies are not in lowercase.

Proposed action  

Use only lowercase letters for custom properties in distribution policies.

A temporary error occurred

Possible cause  

A temporary error occurred.

Proposed action  

Restart the Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher.

Do the following:

  1. In Windows, open Services.
  2. Scroll down and right-click the Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher. Select Restart.

An unknown error occurred

Possible cause  

An error occurred and you do not know why.

Proposed action  

Investigate the log files for multi-cloud services, for example, the App Distribution Service and Hybrid Deployment Service, see Multi-cloud services.

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