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Authorization is the procedure of granting or denying users access to resources.

Note: In Qlik Sense, authentication and authorization are two distinct, unconnected actions. In addition, the sources of information used for authentication do not have to be the same as for authorization, and the other way around.

In Qlik Sense, there are two authorization systems:

  • Access control: The access control system grants users access to the resources in Qlik Sense. The access control system is implemented in the Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS) and independent of the operating system.
  • Data reduction: The data reduction functionality is based on the concept of section access, which is a way to dynamically change which data a user can view. This makes it possible to build apps that can be used by many users, but with different data sets that are dynamically created based on user information. The reduction of data is performed by the Qlik Sense Engine Service (QES).

The two authorization systems are unconnected and configured separately.

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