Configuring a proxy for Qlik License Service communication in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes

You can handle the communication between the Qlik License Service and the License Back-end with a proxy.

The Qlik License Service is included in Qlik Sense Enterprise February 2019 and later releases and is used when Qlik Sense is activated using a signed key license. The Qlik License Service stores the information about the license, and communicates with a License Back-end Service, hosted by Qlik, for product activations and entitlement management. Port 443 is used for accessing the License Back-end Service and retrieving license information.

With Qlik Sense June 2019 or later you can configure the communication between Qlik License service and the Qlik License Back-end to be handled by a proxy.

In Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes, configuration of a proxy for the Qlik License Service is done using helm configurations. Both HTTP and HTTPS scheme are supported.

Add the following content in the values.yaml file under the Licenses section:

## Proxy configuration
## Set the following values when deploying behind a proxy
  ## The URI to the tunneling proxy scheme://host:port (e.g.

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