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Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows: basic deployment


Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows: basic deployment

In a basic single-node deployment, all services are deployed to a single server. This type of deployment is best suited to a small organization operating within a single time zone.

For larger organizations, an enterprise deployment is recommended, see Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows: multi-node deployment.


In a single-node deployment, the Qlik Sense services behave as follows:

  • Qlik Sense Repository Service

    Within a single node site, there is only one instance of the Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS) running and it has direct access to the central repository database.

  • Qlik Sense Scheduler Service

    When deployed in a single node site, the Qlik Sense Scheduler Service (QSS) acts as both master and slave.

Basic single-node deployment example

In this deployment scenario, all Qlik Sense services run on a single node. This kind of deployment works best in a single time zone, where reloads of data can be done during the night.