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Managing admin roles for a user

Qlik Sense user properties are retrieved from the user directories and cannot be edited in the QMC. However you can assign, remove or change admin roles for a user.

The QMC looks for changes in the user roles definitions every 20 seconds.
Tip: From the Streams overview, you can edit users that have access rights to a stream. Select the stream, click Users from the property groups, select the users and click Edit.

Do the following:

  1. Select Users on the QMC start page or from the StartS drop-down menu to display the overview.

  2. Select the users that you want to disconnect or change admin roles for.
  3. Click Edit in the action bar.

    The User edit page opens.

  4. Select Identification under Properties.

  5. Click P in the Admin roles attribute and type the name of the admin role that you want to connect to in the text box that appears, or click E in the text box of the role that you want to disconnect.

    The Admin roles text field is case sensitive but the QMC suggests roles as you type. Select one of the roles.
    Note: Like in Qlik Sense, if a user does not have access to a resource in the QMC, the user cannot access it in the QMC interface. For example, if you change a user's role from RootAdmin to DeploymentAdmin, the user can no longer access the apps, sheets, streams, or data connection pages in the QMC.
    Note: You cannot change the admin role of a RootAdmin user who is Delete prohibited. To change the role, you must first clear the Delete prohibited selection.
  6. Click Apply in the action bar to apply and save your changes.

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