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Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment examples

This section provides examples of how to install Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows deployments

A Qlik Sense site is a collection of one or more nodes (servers) connected to a single repository database, and sharing a single license. Each site also contains a common set of data in the form of apps and configuration data.

Single-node sites

A single node site is the smallest site possible and consists of a single node (single server), which is also the central node of the site. It contains the Qlik Sense services, the repository database, and the file share all on a one server computer.

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows: basic deployment

Multi-node sites

Multi-node sites offer more scalability options for larger organizations. In a multi-node environment, the Qlik Sense site is distributed across two or more nodes that share the same set of data and the same license key. In larger sites, you can configure one or more rim nodes to improve scalability, capacity, and resilience. All rim nodes connect to a central node.

Benefits of multi-node sites include:

  • Better scalability, making it easier to increase capacity
  • Improved resilience and reliability
  • Ability to move apps or roles to specific nodes
  • Flexibility to suit customer network deployments

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows: multi-node deployment

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes deployments

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes is an implementation of Qlik Sense Enterprise running on a Kubernetes cluster using containers. This approach allows deployments into Kubernetes clusters running in public or private clouds on customer managed infrastructures. It comes with mostly the same capabilities as Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes deployments

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services deployments

This deployment provides the ability to scale up the number of apps (read only) for user consumption. The QCS cluster is deployed as a fully-managed service provisioned and administered by Qlik.

Qlik Cloud Services deployment