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Connecting to Qlik Sense using BlackBerry Access

You can access Qlik Sense and consume apps from a mobile device using BlackBerry Access browser. A BlackBerry Access administrator must first set up a BlackBerry Dynamics deployment and configure URL connections to one or multiple Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows servers. The administrator then registers users and generates secret keys that users must use to access the BlackBerry server from their mobile devices. Once inside the BlackBerry Dynamics environment, users can reach their Qlik Sense hubs.

Configuring BlackBerry Dynamics


  • Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows June 2018 or later must be installed.
  • See BlackBerry documentation for BlackBerry Access system requirements.

Allocating access rights

The Qlik Sense administrator must allocate access rights to users in the Qlik Sense Management Console (QMC), before deploying BlackBerry Dynamics.

Do the following:

  1. Open the QMC: https://<QPS server name>/qmc

  2. In the QMC, select License management on the start page or from the StartArrow down drop-down menu to display the overview.
  3. Select User access allocations in the panel to the right.
  4. Click Create new Allocate in the action bar.
    The Users dialog opens.
  5. Select users in the list and click Allocate.
  6. Information noteAllocate is disabled if the number of tokens available for allocation is insufficient for the number of selected users.

    The dialog is closed and the users are added in the User access allocations overview table.

For more on user access, see Managing user access.

Deploying BlackBerry Dynamics

Do the following:

  1. Set up a BlackBerry Dynamics deployment. Using BlackBerry server services, set up a new BlackBerry Dynamics deployment. Once your deployment is set up, log in using BlackBerry Access administrator credentials to access the BlackBerry Dynamics dashboard.
  2. Register users. You can synchronize your Dynamics deployment with an active directory to import and update users’ information, such as email addresses, in the BlackBerry Dynamic environment. Every user registered in your BlackBerry Dynamics deployment is listed under USERS, Users and Groups.

  3. Create apps. Users use apps to connect to different Qlik Sense servers for which they have been granted access. To create a new app:

    • Go to the section APPS, Manage Apps of the Dynamics dashboard.

    • Click on the Add App button.

    • Select Web from the list of app types. A web app consists of an URL address that users reach using the BlackBerry Access browser.

    • Insert the URL address of the Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows server for which you have allocated access rights to users.

    Further to web apps, in a BlackBerry Dynamics environment you can create Public apps, (apps compatible with BlackBerry EMM environment), Custom apps, or assign GD Entitlement ID. For more information, see BlackBerry Dynamics documentation.

  4. Add apps to App groups. Apps can be grouped together in App groups. You can create and manage App groups from the Dynamics dashboard under APPS, App Groups.

  5. Grant users access to specific apps or app groups. Under APPS, App Groups, you can assign users to one or multiple App groups, therefore granting these users access to the set of apps that are included in a specific App group. You can also set restrictions to prevent users from accessing specific apps or App groups.

    Information noteYou must also grant your users access to the BlackBerry Access browser app.
  6. Assign users to policy sets. You can assign different policy sets to different users. Users are clustered in groups based on which policy set is assigned to them. A policy set defines access rights and restrictions. Users registered with a certain policy set can access certain apps or App groups, and are prevented from accessing others, if restrictions are applied.

  7. Assign unique access keys to users. Once a user has been registered with specific policy sets and granted access to apps and App groups, the administrator must generate access keys and provide them to the user.

Generating access keys

An access key is needed to activate the BlackBerry Access browser app and allow the connection to the BlackBerry Dynamics deployment. If the environment is properly set up, users will receive their access keys via email as soon as they are generated. Once an access key is in use, it disappears from the list of available access keys in the BlackBerry Dynamics dashboard. An access key is only active for a limited time. By default, an access key expires after 30 days from the last log-in into the BlackBerry Dynamics environment from the device.

Accessing Qlik Sense using BlackBerry Access

Registered users can use BlackBerry Access on a mobile device and reach Qlik Sense via browser.


  • For a detailed list of BlackBerry Access app, iOS, and Android supported versions, see Supported browsers.
  • An access key to enroll your device. If you have not received any access key, contact the BlackBerry Access administrator.

Connecting to Qlik Sense from a mobile device using BlackBerry Access

Do the following:

  1. Download the BlackBerry Access app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Open BlackBerry Access and choose to enroll.
  3. Enter the email address which received your access key. Enter the access key you received, and click OK.
  4. Create a password when prompted.
  5. Once inside the BlackBerry Dynamics environment, select the app, which is the Qlik Sense server URL address, you want to access. You can also type the URL of the Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows server you want reach in the address bar at the top.
  6. Insert your Qlik credentials to access the Qlik Sense hub.

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