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Log collector

With the log collector, you can collect and export log files from a period that you define. The logs facilitate troubleshooting for Qlik Support.

Collected files

The following files are available for collection.

Windows event log

The log collector reads Windows application event logs and only extracts Qlik Sense related events. With these logs, Qlik Support can analyze all Qlik Sense services starts and stops, warnings, and errors.

System information

The log collector uses standard Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) for collecting information about the local server, current hotfixes, and service packs. The log collector also uses the command line for detecting proxy setups, which services are running, certificate names, and internet settings. This information is useful when troubleshooting connectivity and Windows related problems.

Scriptlog files from Qlik folders

The log collector scans the archived log files. Currently active logs files are scanned from each Qlik Sense server node using a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path.

Collecting and exporting log files

Do the following:

  1. Enter start and end date, manually, or by using the calendar: Schedule.

  2. Enter the support case number.

  3. Select which additional logs you want to include:

    • Windows event log

    • System information

    • Scriptlog files from Qlik folders

  4. Click Collect and export logs.

A zip file is generated that you can send to Qlik Support.

Log collector output

The following are all separate files:

  • App list - https://{senseApiSupport.Host}:4242/qrs/app/full

  • CallInfo - https://{senseApiSupport.Host}:4242/qrs/license/accesstypeinfo

  • License agent - https://{senseApiSupport.Host}:4242/qrs/license

  • Proxy service info - https://{senseApiSupport.Host}:4242/qrs/ProxyService/full

  • Qlik Sense machine info - https://{senseApiSupport.Host}:4242/qrs/servernodeconfiguration/full

  • Qlik Sense service info - https://{senseApiSupport.Host}:4242/qrs/servicestatus/full

  • QRS about - https://{senseApiSupport.Host}:4242/qrs/about

  • Service cluster - https://{senseApiSupport.Host}:4242/qrs/ServiceCluster/{_serviceClusterId}

The following files are contained in a configuration folder:

  • All installed connectors and their configuration files

  • postgresql.conf

  • postgresql_pg_hba.conf

  • Engine_Settings.ini

  • Sense_Host.cfg

  • Repository.exe.config

  • Repository.Core.dll.config

  • Repository.Domain.dll.config

  • Repository.Synchronization.dll.config

  • Repository.User.dll.config

  • Printing.exe.config

  • Qlik.Printing.CefSharp.exe.config

  • Qlik.Sense.Printing.dll.config

  • Scheduler.exe.config

  • Proxy.exe.config

Additional logs:

  • Current logs folder

  • Archived logs - https://{senseApiSupport.Host}:4242/qrs/ServiceCluster/{_serviceClusterId}

  • System Info - C:\\Windows\\System32\\systeminfo.exe /S {hostName}

  • Windows logs

  • Script logs