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Editing user sync tasks


Editing user sync tasks

You can edit user synchronization tasks from the user directory connector association page.

Tip: You can also edit user synchronization tasks from the tasks overview page.

Do the following:

  1. Open the QMC: https://<QPS server name>/qmc

  2. Select User directory connectors on the QMC start page or from the StartArrow down drop-down menu to display the overview.

  3. Select the user directory connector that you want to edit tasks for and click Edit in the action bar.

  4. Select Tasks under Associated items, select the tasks you want to edit and click Edit in the action bar.

    The User synchronization task edit page is displayed.

  5. Edit the properties.


    All fields are mandatory and must not be empty.

    Identification properties
    Property Description Default value
    Name The name of the task. Auto-generated from the user directory connector name when creating a new user directory connector.
    Enabled The task is enabled when selected. Enabled

    Select or clear Enabled to enable or disable the task.


    Tags properties
    Property Description
    Tip: If no tags are available, this property group is empty.

    Connected tags are displayed under the text box.

  6. Click Apply in the action bar to apply and save your changes.

    Successfully updated is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Tip: Triggers for a task are displayed under Associated items, where you also can choose to create new triggers.