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Authorizing the certificate on the node

Note: This section is only applicable to multi-node sites.

After you have configured the new node on the central node and received the certificate authorization URL and password, you need to authorize the certificate on the host name machine.

Note: You need to perform this procedure on every node you have installed.

Do the following:

  1. Connect to the new node through remote desktop.

    Note: If the new node has not been configured on the central node, the Certificate setup dialog is displayed stating that the service is locked and that the machine needs to be added in the QMC.
  2. On the new node, open a web browser and enter the URL retrieved on the central node when configuring the node.

    Configuring the node

    You are prompted for the password.

  3. Enter the authorization password and click Submit.

    The new node is now connected to the central node and the Certificate setup dialog displays that the service was successfully unlocked.

    Note: If the certificate setup dialog displays that it failed to install the Qlik Sense certificate package, use the QMC to redistribute the node. If problem persists, check the log files for details.

The node is now added and operational.