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What's new in Qlik Sense May 2021


What's new in Qlik Sense May 2021


Support for Microsoft Edge

Support for Microsoft Edge mobile browser on iOS and Android.

Windows 10 phone

Platform and administration

New host for satellite tiles

Due to API changes at our satellite tile provider, the host that is used for fetching satellite background data will change from to

The switch took place on December 7, 2021 and should not be noticeable to most users. However, customers who restrict domains with their firewall will need to allow this new domain after the transition. Maps using satellite as the base map will not work until the port is opened for the new domain.


Improvements to QMC UI and External task API

An improved experience making it possible to manage external tasks in the QMC through APIs.

Creating and editing external program tasks

Updates to the postgrSQL installer to latest 12.x version

System requirements for Qlik Sense Enterprise

Added support for OIDC

Improved IdP readiness and making it more seamless to setup a multi-cloud scenario using the same IdP.

OpenID Connect

Self-service task management

Users now have ability to create and edit tasks as part their hub experience for improved management and scheduling.

Managing apps

Enhanced ODAG performance

ODAG performance enhanced by increasing the maximum concurrent ODAG requests from 10 to 50, making it easier for large user groups to leverage ODAG collectively.

On-demand apps

Log collector integration with QMC

The Log Collector tool is now integrated into the QMC environment, allowing admins to collect all logs within a specific data rage to bundle and share with support.

Log collector

Support for proxy settings in ADS/HDS

Enables new distributions through proxy to SaaS editions of Qlik Sense.

Configuring a proxy for Qlik ADS and HDS communication with Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS