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Reload app


Reload app

The data in an app can be reloaded in different ways:

  • The user manually reloads the app data in the Qlik Management Console (QMC).
  • The app data is reloaded by a scheduled task in the repository database.
  • The user manually loads data in the data load editor. Information on such reloads is logged in <MachineName>_AuditActivity_Engine.txt.
  • Reload app


Qlik Sense performs the following procedure:

  1. A request is sent to the Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS).
  2. The QRS contacts the Qlik Sense Scheduler Service (QSS).
  3. The QSS starts the reload task.
  4. The QSS contacts the Qlik Sense Engine Service (QES) and initiates a reload of the app.


In case of success, log entries are written in the following files throughout the procedure:

  • <MachineName>_AuditActivity_Repository.txt
  • <MachineName>_AuditActivity_Engine.txt
  • <MachineName>_AuditActivity_Scheduler.txt