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Connecting to Qlik Sense Mobile using MobileIron

To connect to Qlik Sense from a mobile device using MobileIron per-app VPN, you must:

  • Download the MobileIron MDM Agent app.
  • Register the device.
  • Install the MobileIron Tunnel VPN Client app

  • Install a supported app or browser.
  • Review the list of mobile browsers that support the connection to Qlik Sense Enterprise through MobileIron per-app VPN: System requirements for Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Do the following:

  1. Download the MobileIron MDM Agent app:

    • If using MobileIron Cloud, download MobileIron Go from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.
    • If using MobileIron Core, download MobileIron Mobile@Work from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.
  2. Start the Device Registration procedure:

    Follow the prompts, supply the authentication and server details that your MobileIron administrator has supplied to you

  3. Download the configuration profile when prompted.

    If you are using iOS, you must then navigate to Settings > General > Profiles to proceed.

  4. In Settings, select the Downloaded Profile and click Install to install the Device Manager configuration profile. Accept the prompts and warnings to Install and Trust to enroll your device into remote management.

  5. Click Done.

  6. Once the installation of the Device Manager configuration profile is complete, the Apps@Work catalog and several other applications are automatically installed.

    Information noteIf a pop-up appears asking to install MobileIron Tunnel, select Install to allow the installation of the VPN client app. If the pop-up does not appear, you can install MobileIron Tunnel from the Apps@Work catalog.
  7. Open MobileIron Tunnel app and Enable the VPN.

  8. Open Apps@Work and install the Qlik Sense Mobile app or one of the supported browsers.

    Tip noteThe Qlik Sense Mobile app allows you to download Qlik Sense apps for offline use.
    Information noteYour MobileIron administrator may have already populated the hub list with your Qlik Sense server connection
  9. To connect to Qlik Sense for the first time using the Qlik Sense Mobile app, see Connecting to Qlik Sense from the Qlik Sense Mobile app.