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Migrating apps


Migrating apps

Migrating apps means moving apps from an older version of Qlik Sense to a newer version.

You are most likely to need to migrate an app in the following circumstances:

  • When upgrading Qlik Sense.
  • When importing an old app.

App migration is not performed automatically when starting Qlik Sense. An app with an engine version later than 12.0 is migrated on the fly when you open it in the hub. On the apps overview page in the QMC you can see if there are apps that require manual migration. The text Migration needed is displayed in the Version column for apps that need to be migrated. The Version column is not displayed by default. Use the column selector to display the field. Use the Migrate button to perform manual migration. When an app has been migrated, the text Migrated is displayed in the Migration column.

You can migrate apps from version 1.0 of Qlik Sense and newer to more recent versions of Qlik Sense.

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