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Analyzer capacity license


Analyzer capacity license

Analyzer capacity is a consumption-based license type, which is similar to analyzer access regarding available features. Users can access streams and apps in the hub and consume sheets and apps created by others. Analyzer capacity access allows users to create and publish stories, bookmarks, and snapshots based on data in apps. Creating, editing, or publishing sheets or apps is not possible.

With an analyzer capacity license, you subscribe to analyzer time, a defined amount of minutes per month (calendar date). These minutes are shared between users and can be consumed by anyone who is part of the user group, including anonymous users. Consumption is measured in units of 6 minutes. For each new 6-minute period, a unit is consumed.

Unit consumption example

Assume that you start analyzing in an app on Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS. You then consume one unit. When 6 minutes have passed, you consume a new unit. Unit consumption continues for as long as you are active. If you are active for 26 minutes, 5 units (30 minutes) are consumed, because 4 units are consumed after 24 minutes, and an additional unit is consumed for the remaining time. No consumption is registered if you are logged in but idle. If you at the same time are active on, for example, Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, that also generates consumption of units.

When all analyzer time has been consumed, you can no longer access Qlik Sense, until the monthly reset occurs. To avoid lockout, you can add overage to your subscription. Overage can either be unlimited or with a defined ceiling. For more information, see the license metrics for Qlik Sense, available on the following page: Product Terms.

Summary analyzer capacity access

  • The same features available as with analyzer access.

  • Assigned to a group of users, including anonymous users.

  • Monthly subscription to a defined amount of minutes.

  • Consumption in 6 minute blocks. No consumption during idleness.

  • Overage can be added to subscription.