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Managing events

Events are managed in the Management Console on the Events page.

On the events page, you can follow up on events in your system and get information about the event type and the user who initiated the event.

Information noteEvents are archived after 90 days.
Events in the Management Console
Property Description
Date Date and time in UTC format.
Source Source of the event information.
Event type Type of event. See examples.
User User initiating the event. If the user name cannot be displayed, the user ID is displayed instead.
Right arrow Click the arrow to the far right to display additional information from the source or event.

In the table, sort by using the arrows in the properties header and filter by using the funnel. Use buttons for refreshing and resetting after filtering.

Examples of sources:

  • com.qlik/licenses
  • com.qlik/engine
  • com.qlik/edge-auth

Examples of events:

  • app.created
  • user-session.begin
  • assignment.added
  • assignment.revoked