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The QMC start page

The start page in the Qlik Management Console (QMC) contains all the resources that you can manage in the Qlik Sense site. The resources you can manage depend on your access rights.

The QMC start page
QMC start page

The top bar is displayed from all pages to enable you to navigate the QMC efficiently. The following is possible:

Click üStart to access the QMC start page.

Click S next to üStart to display a drop-down list of all resources. This enables you to select another resource without first having to access the start page.

Click DHelp to access the (QMC) help.

The top right corner displays who is logged in to the (QMC). Click the drop-down S next to the login name and click Logout in the dialog to log out.


The left panel contains all QMC resources in groups.

If any of the Qlik Sense services are down, the number of services that are not running is displayed with a numeral.

C The basic resources are also available from the middle of the start page. The number in parentheses indicates the number of occurrences of the resource.