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Upgrading Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

Upgrading your Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows deployment can be done by running the Qlik Sense installer application. Upgrading replaces your current version of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows with a newer version. For any type of deployment, a successful upgrade requires a bit of planning. This guide will help you plan and run your upgrade, and configure your deployment when ready. At the end of this section, you will find a troubleshooting section if you have any problems during the upgrade.

Patching instead of upgrading

A patch applies a software update or a software fix to a current version, without upgrading the entire deployment.

If you want to patch your current version, see Patching Qlik Sense.

Upgrading from August 2021 Patch 4 or earlier to August 2021 Patch 5 or later

The following upgrade steps need to be taken when upgrading from August 2021 Patch 4 or earlier to August Patch 5 or later:

  1. Download the attached zip file

  2. Read

  3. Upgrade central node to desired patch as usual

  4. Copy QlikSensePatchUpgrade.exe to the central node

  5. Run QlikSensePatchUpgrade.exe (Printing service will be started by the script)

  6. Start the rest of the services

  7. Repeat steps 1-4 for all rim nodes

Repairing instead of upgrading

A repair checks your current deployment for missing files, shortcuts, or registry values, and repairs them without changing your current version.

If you want to repair your current version, see Repairing an installation.