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Multi-cloud services

For an overview of the Qlik Sense multi-cloud architecture and your different deployment options, see Qlik Sense deployments in a cloud environment. The services that you need to run in a multi-cloud deployment are managed by Qlik and they are running on Qlik-owned infrastructure.

Services on Windows deployments

The services listed below are required if you use the multi-cloud capabilities in a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows deployment.

Multi-cloud services
Service Description
App Distribution Service Distributes apps and associated metadata to defined distribution targets, based on policy-based app distribution rules.

Hybrid Deployment Service

Stores configuration details including credentials and URLs for all target environments in a multi-cloud deployment.

Hybrid Setup Console Service

Multi-cloud Setup Console UI functions for managing target environments configured in a multi-cloud deployment including credentials and service URLs.
Resource Distribution Service Publishes installed extensions and themes to the Resource Library in each cloud environment.