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App Metadata Analyzer

The App Metadata Analyzer app provides a dashboard to analyze Qlik Sense application metadata across your Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment. It gives you a holistic view of all your Qlik Sense apps, including granular level detail of an app's data model and its resource utilization.

Note: This app requires Qlik Sense version June 2018, or later.
Note: For a more detailed description of the sheets and visualizations, visit the story About the App Metadata Analyzer that is available from the app overview page, under Stories.

The app fetches data from an application level metadata endpoint: http(s)://{server}/api/v1/apps/{GUID}/data/metadata

where {server} is your Qlik Sense Enterprise server and {GUID} is the application ID.

Importing the App Metadata Analyzer app to the Monitoring apps in the QMC

The App Metadata Analyzer is not available by default from the QMC. To make it available, you need to import the app.

Follow the instructions in the section Importing new Monitoring apps

General configuration

There are two configurations required in the load script: defining the central node host name and the virtual proxy prefix (if your Windows authenticated virtual proxy has a prefix).

Note: The configuration is done in the Configuration section of the load script.

Central node host name

The central node host name is set as a variable, vu_central_node_host_name, in the load script.

Default is localhost.


SET vu_central_node_host_name = '';

Virtual proxy prefix

The virtual proxy prefix is also set as a variable, vu_virtual_proxy_prefix, in the load script.


SET vu_virtual_proxy_prefix = 'my_virtual_proxy_prefix';

If you do not use a virtual proxy prefix you leave it blank.


SET vu_virtual_proxy_prefix = '';

Optional threshold values configuration

Optionally, you can change the default threshold values. The configuration is done in the Thresholds section of the load script.

// Optional Configuration (No need to change these unless you desire) SET vu_months_in_reload_interval = 3; // Width of app last reload date for grouping apps in this app // Visual Thresholds - change these if you want to highlight specific apps based on these attributes SET vAppDiskSizeThreshold = 524288000; // 500 MB SET vAppRAMSizeThreshold = 1073751824; // 1 GB SET vRAMToFileSizeRatioThreshold = 6; // RAM / File Size is typically between 4-6x SET vAppRecordCountThreshold = 10000000; // Number of records in an app SET vTableRecordCountThreshold = 10000000; // Number of records in a table SET vFieldValueCountThreshold = 10000000; // Number of field records SET vFieldCardinalityThreshold = 1000000; // Number of distinct field values SET vNoOfFields = 150; // Number of Distinct Fields SET vReloadCPUTimeThreshold = 1800000; // CPU Time spent on last reload (milliseconds); default = 1,800,000 = 30 Minutes

App Metadata Analyzer sheets

Visit the story About the App Metadata Analyzer for details about the sheets, available from the app overview page, under Stories.

Note: Data in the App Metadata Analyzer is updated when the app is reloaded. Data is not live.