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Sessions Monitor

The Sessions Monitor loads and displays log data about users' app sessions.

Note: For a more detailed description of the sheets and visualizations, visit the story About the Sessions Monitor that is available from the app overview page, under Stories.

For the location and naming convention of the log files, see Logging.

Importing the Sessions Monitor app to the Monitoring apps in the QMC

The Sessions Monitor is not available by default from the QMC. To make it available, you need to import the app.

Follow the instructions in the section Importing new Monitoring apps

Sessions Monitor sheets

The Sessions Monitor sheets display Qlik Sense performance on the current node, and, when properly configured for multi-node (as described in Configuring multi-node environments), the app includes information across all nodes.

Sessions Monitor sheets

Gives an overview of the session activity. Get different views by using the alternative dimensions and measures that are available for the Sessions Over Time bar chart and the User and App Count Trend combo chart.

Session Heatmap

Shows when session activity is at its highest and lowest. Use the data to understand peak usage times or optimal times for server maintenance.

Session Details Gives a more detailed view of the session activity and helps identifying unused apps and extensive users of apps.
Apps Shows metadata about apps and app objects.
Log Details Shows details about specific log events and times.
Note: Data in the Sessions Monitor is updated when the app is reloaded. Data is not live.
Note: Sessions Monitor uses the ProxySessionId from the engine's session logs for deriving its session counts like Operations Monitor, which effectively gives the proxy session counts. Sessions Monitor also registers short sessions (less than 40 seconds) that are excluded in the Operations Monitor due to their respective design choices. Therefore, the Sessions Monitor session counts can sometimes lie in between the session counts of Operations Monitor and License Monitor.