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QMC section access for default admin roles


QMC section access for default admin roles

The QMC is delivered with a set of predefined administration roles. Each role is associated with QMC section access rules that grant administrators read access to sections in the QMC according to their needs. The RootAdmin has access to all QMC sections.

Note: The QMC section access rules only grant read access to a QMC section. For a presentation of the other rights, such as create, edit, update, and so on, see: Default administration roles.

Read access rights for default administrators

An "R" indicates that an admin has read access to that QMC section.

Access rights for default administrators
QMC AuditAdmin ContentAdmin DeploymentAdmin SecurityAdmin
QmcSection_Audit R R R R
QmcSection_Tag R R R R
QmcSection_Stream   R   R
QmcSection_App   R R R
QmcSection_App.Object   R   R
QmcSection_DataConnection   R   R
QmcSection_AnalyticConnection   R   R
QmcSection_User   R R R
QmcSection_CustomPropertyDefinition   R R R
QmcSection_Task   R R  
QmcSection_Event   R R  
QmcSection_SchemaEvent   R    
QmcSection_CompositeEvent   R    
QmcSection_Extension   R    
QmcSection_ReloadTask   R R  
QmcSection_UserSyncTask   R R  
QmcSection_ContentLibrary   R   R
QmcSection_Templates     R R
QmcSection_ServerNodeConfiguration     R  
QmcSection_ServiceCluster     R  
QmcSection_EngineService     R  
QmcSection_ProxyService     R R
QmcSection_VirtualProxyConfiguration     R R
QmcSection_RepositoryService     R  
QmcSection_SchedulerService     R  
QmcSection_PrintingService     R  
QmcSection_Licenses     R  
QmcSection_License.LoginAccessType     R  
QmcSection_License.UserAccessType     R  
QmcSection_License.UserAccessRule     R  
QmcSection_License.ApplicationAccessType     R  
QmcSection_Token     R  
QmcSection_UserDirectory     R  
QmcSection_Certificates     R R
QmcSection_Certificates.Export     R R
QmcSection_SyncRule     R  
QmcSection_LoadBalancingRules     R  
QmcSection_SystemRule       R