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Keyboard shortcuts inQMC

Qlik Sense supports keyboard accessibility. You can use keyboard controls to navigate the Qlik Management Console (QMC) and the Multi-Cloud Setup Console (MSC).


Keyboard shortcuts are expressed assuming that you are working in Windows. For Mac OS use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

Qlik Management Console

Main actions

Shortcut Action
Esc Close a filter dialog
Up arrow Scroll up in tables
Down arrow Scroll down in tables
Tab Move to the next field on an edit page
Shift+Tab Move to the previous field on an edit page
Esc Close a dialog box
Ctrl+C Copy selected text to clipboard
Ctrl+H Open the Qlik Sense help
Ctrl+V Paste last copied text from clipboard
Ctrl+X Cut selected text and copy to clipboard
Ctrl+Z Undo action (copy, paste, cut)
Ctrl+Y Redo action (copy, paste, cut)
Backspace On PC: Go back in navigation. On Mac: Delete selected item.

In tables

Note: The option Select all rows is applied to the rows that are currently displayed. Any rows that have been filtered out before selecting all rows are disregarded, even if they were selected. The option Deselect all rows is applied to all rows, including those that were filtered out.
Shortcut Action

Select all rows in the table

Esc Deselect all selected rows
S Open the Search popover
C Open the Column selector
R Refresh the table

On overview pages

Shortcut Action
Enter Edit the selected rows
Delete Delete the selected rows

On edit pages

Shortcut Action
Esc Undo all changes, equivalent to clicking Cancel
Ctrl+S Save and apply all the changes, equivalent to clicking Apply

In confirmation dialogs

Shortcut Action
Esc Cancel
Enter OK

Multi-Cloud Setup Console


Shortcut Action
Left and right arrows Navigate between menu tiles
Enter/Space bar Select object


Shortcut Action
Tab Move to the next field
Up and down arrows Navigate between list items
Enter/Space bar Select object