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Add an Oracle endpoint as a source

This task guides you through adding and configuring an Oracle endpoint as the source database. This is the database from where you want to replicate data.

To add an Oracle source database:

  1. In Task view, click Manage Endpoint Connections.

    The Manage Endpoint Connections dialog box opens.

  2. Click New Endpoint Connection.
  3. Provide the following information:
    • Name: Type OracleSource.
    • Description: Optionally, enter a description or leave blank.
    • Role: Select Source.
    • Type: Select Oracle.
    • Connection string: Enter the connect string to the Oracle database you work with, in any Oracle format.

      For example, if you connect to an Oracle database on a computer called tomato using the default Oracle port and service name, the connect string looks like this:


    • User Name: Enter the user name for the Oracle database you work with.

      The default user name is SYSTEM.

    • Password: Enter the password for the Oracle database you work with.

      The default password is manager.

    The General tab of the Oracle source database.

  4. Click Test Connection to verify the information you entered and the availability of the database.
  5. Click Save to add the database.

You can also set advanced settings for the Oracle database, but this beyond the scope of this tutorial. For more information, see Setting advanced connection properties using Oracle LogMiner.

For information on adding other types of databases, see the chapter for the required database. For a list of supported databases, see Supported Platforms and Endpoints.