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The following describes the general prerequisites for using Snowflake on AWS as a Qlik Replicate target endpoint.

Amazon Web Services account prerequisites

Sign up for an Amazon Web Services account. Then use the AWS Management Console to purchase Snowflake on AWS On Demand - Standard or Snowflake on AWS On Demand - Premier and launch a Snowflake on AWS cluster. After registering for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, you can launch a Snowflake on AWS cluster and download the required client tools.

Make a note of the basic information about your AWS account and your Snowflake on AWS cluster, such as your password and user name. You will need this information to configure Qlik Replicate to work with the Snowflake on AWS data warehouse. For more information, see Setting general connection parameters.

For more information on setting up Snowflake on AWS as an AWS service, see:

Snowflake Documentation

Amazon S3 staging prerequisites

You can configure the Snowflake on AWS endpoint to stage the data files on Snowflake (internally) or on Amazon S3. If you want to use Amazon S3 staging, you need to have an Amazon S3 bucket, preferably (for best performance) located in your Snowflake on AWS cluster region.

You must be able to access your Amazon S3 bucket directly from the Replicate machine.

For information on signing up for Amazon S3, visit:

  • Bucket access credentials: Make a note of the bucket name, region, access key and secret access key - you will need to provide them in the Qlik Replicate Snowflake on AWS target settings.
  • Bucket access permissions: Qlik Replicate requires read/write/delete permissions to the Amazon S3 bucket.

Client prerequisites

  • Qlik Replicate for Windows: Download and install Windows 64-bit ODBC driver 2.24.0 or later.

  • Qlik Replicate for Linux: Download and install Linux 64-bit ODBC driver 2.24.0 or later.

Performance and cloud services usage optimization

In order to optimize both Snowflake Cloud Services usage and overall performance, it is strongly recommended to enable the Apply batched changes to multiple tables concurrently option in the task settings' Change Processing Tuning tab.

For information about charges incurred when using Snowflake Cloud Services, see Snowflake: Additional Billing (Cloud Services Layer) Impact

General prerequisites

  • The time on the Qlik Replicate Server machine must be accurate.

Firewall prerequisites

Firewall port 443 needs to be opened for outbound communication.