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Welcome to the Qlik Replicate online help. This section describes the main concepts of data replication and the major components of Qlik Replicate.


The term "endpoint" is used generically throughout this guide to refer to a data repository that can be used as a source and/or target in a Qlik Replicate task. Examples of such repositories include relational databases (such as Oracle) and files.

Replication Explained

Learn about data replication in general terms.

About Qlik Replicate

Qlik Replicate in a nutshell.

Limitations and Considerations

Learn about limitations when working with Qlik Replicate.

Set up source and target endpoint connections

Set up connections to source and target endpoints for basic one-to-one replication. Use Log Stream Staging to optimize data transfer between a single source and multiple targets.

Customize task and table settings

Customize task and table settings according to your replication needs, and define global transformations to render the source data compatible with the target.

Monitor Full Load and Change Processing tasks

Keep informed about task status every step of the way with live monitoring and configurable event logging.

Manage Qlik Replicate

Define notifications, set up error handling policies, configure logging preferences, schedule jobs, and more.