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Required permissions

The following permissions must be granted to the user specified in the General tab of the IBM DB2 for iSeries endpoint settings:



You must also set the following Authorities and Locks for the IBM DB2 for iSeries database:


  • Journal Authority: *USE
  • Journal Library Authority: *EXECUTE
  • Journal Receivers Authority: *USE
  • Journal Receivers Library's Authority: *EXECUTE
  • File Authority (if specified): *USE
  • File Library Authority: *EXECUTE
  • Journal Lock: *SHRRD
  • Journal Receiver Lock: *SHRRD
  • File Lock (if specified): *SHRRD


*OBJEXIST is also required for the journal authority if any of the following are



  • *ALLFILE has been specified for the file key.
  • Specified object does not exist on the system.
  • *IGNFILSLT or *IGNOBJSLT is specified for the journal code selection value for

any selected journal codes.

  • The journal is a remote journal.