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The following limitations apply:

  • UPDATE/DELETE DMLs are not supported during change processing. If an UPDATE/DELETE DML was captured on the source, it will be ignored on the target and a warning will be written to the log. If the Store Changes option is enabled in the task settings, these records will be written to the Change Table.
  • Limited LOB support only.
  • Dropping columns and changing column data types or the data type length is not supported and will suspend the table in all cases except for data types that are mapped to STRING. Changes to the data type length of a data type mapped to STRING (e.g. VARCHAR(50) to VARCHAR(100)) will simply be ignored.
  • The Replicate Hadoop target endpoint does not support the creation of skews, buckets or partitions in the target tables. Tables with such properties must already exist on the target before the task starts. For more information on preparing such tables in Hive, see Support for Partitions, Buckets and Skews.

    When loading data into existing skewed, bucketed or partitioned target tables, the following limitations apply:

    • The DROP and CREATE table and ARCHIVE and CREATE table options in the task settings’ Full Load Settings tab should not be selected (as the new table will be created without the special properties).
    • The Apply Changes replication option is not supported.
  • The following Control Tables are not supported as they require UPDATE/DELETE operations (which are not supported by the Hadoop target endpoint):
    • Replication Status (requires UPDATE).

      Name on target: attrep_status

    • Suspended Tables (requires DELETE).

      Name on target: attrep_suspended_tables

      For more information on Control Tables, see Control tables.

  • Table and column names can only contain ASCII characters.
  • Column names cannot contain the '?' symbol. If needed, the '?' symbol can be replaced with a valid ASCII character using a transformation.
  • Kerberos authentication is not certified for use with Replicate installed on Linux Red Hat 8.x.