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Table Settings

In the <Table_Name> - Table Settings window, you can define how the data for each individual table/view is replicated to the target.


Some of the table settings are not available in a Log Stream Staging setup.

For information on the availability of table settings in a Log Stream Staging setup, see Using the Log Stream

  1. Open the task you are working with.

    For information on opening a task, see Editing a replication task.

  2. In Designer view, select the desired table from one of the following tabs on the right of the console:

    • The Patterns and Selected Tables tab - if the desired table was explicitly selected.
    • The Full Table List tab - if the desired table was selected using a table inclusion pattern.

      For information on how to define table selection patterns, see Creating table/view selection patterns.

  3. Click the Table Settings button above the table list.

    The <Table_Name> - Table Settings window opens.

  4. In the Table Settings window, the following options are available:

  5. Click OK to close the Table Settings window.
  6. Click Save to preserve the table and column information for this task.
  • Click Restore Table Defaults at the bottom left of the Table Settings window. This option is available in all tabs.

    Any changes you made will be discarded and the table's default settings will be restored.


The names of modified tables will be followed by the word (changed), enabling you to easily identify which tables have been modified.