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Full Load Tuning

Click the Full LoadClosedCreates all defined files or tables at the target endpoint, automatically defines the metadata that is required at the target, and populates the tables with data from the source. Tuning sub-tab to configure the following:

  • Maximum number of tables to load in parallel: Enter the maximum number of tables to load into the target at one time. The default value is 5.
  • Transaction consistency timeout (seconds): Enter the number of seconds that Qlik Replicate waits for transactions to close, if they are open when the task starts, before beginning the Full Load operation. The default value is 600 (10 minutes). Qlik Replicate will begin the full load after the timeout value is reached even if there are open transactions.

    Note: To replicate transactions that were open when Full Load started but were only committed after the timeout value was reached, you need to reload the target tables.

  • Commit rate during full load: The maximum number of events that can be transferred together. The default value is 10000.